Contingency Planning

Advanced planning is essential when dealing with labor management unrest. Clark Security provides consulting on preparation and planning of a course of action in the event of a strike, walkout or closing. A well developed action plan allows a company’s management to negotiate from a position of strength and send a strong message to the workers that management is ready for whatever is the outcome of negotiations. Clark Security’s management team will meet with a client and prepare a step by step advance plan to follow in preparation for a strike, walkout or plant closing.

Advanced preparation removes the stress on a company’s management team in trying to deal with these highly emotional and volatile labor issues at the last minute. Advance planning allows the client’s management team to become aware as to what issues will arise in the event of a walkout, strike, or plant closing. Advance planning provides company management with insight as to the legal issues and how to deal with salaried and hourly workers and the highly sensitive issues which will arise should the event occur.

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